Bands and Artists

Alan Murphy

An Old Friend

Always Waiting On Lynn (AWOL)

Animals To Creators

Bad Boys

Beyond The Bounds

Big Dirty Ride

Catholic Action

Cicero's Secret

Close Lobsters

Dave Hughes And The Renegade Folf Punk Band

Dirty Hepburns

Dirty Sally

Erin McEvoy Music

Five Cousins

Junkie Romance

King Of Birds

Lazy Activists

Marie Collins


Second Class Son


Ska-Beat Jakes

Strawberry Wine

Stylus Automatic


Ten Bob Sliders

The Amorettes

The Hypnic Jerks

The Label

The Lost Amigos

The Lynsey Dolan Band

The Magnetic

The Responsible

The Ronaynes

The Sux Pastels

The Wiseacres

Vintage Air

Bad Love

Break The Silence

Copper Dawn

Graeme Kerr


Jim Woods & The Naked Brazilian Models


Lives of Others

Royal Oi!

Slaggy Yout

Sound of Lies

Strange Creatures


The Far

The Near

The Telermen


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